Select Page – Though there are a lot of platforms that will help you in the work that you are doing you might have already chosen Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service, that is managed under the Microsoft’s own data centers and it is likely that Microsoft has a lot of data on these servers beforehand. Being in the hands of Microsoft means, a lot of controversies. This is really a good thing but also something that is actually really easy and quick to use and a lot of support has been put on it. Microsoft Azure is managed by a lot of people and therefore is one of the best we can choose from, though the question that always haunts us is, If the work we are uploading on the servers is actually reliable, Well if that is true, we can say for now that it is true. - Office Setup and Help

But, before we jump to any conclusions let us face it and check it. Microsoft has been recently banned in german school for not being safe and being accused of data liquidation to government and other companies. This means that we are not sure about it. We are not sure if the data that we upload on Microsoft managed servers is actually readable or accessible by the government organizations. If in any case, the data is accessible by the government organizations or any other company that means all the data is at risk and can be read or accessed any time. this is one of the main reason we need to focus on our security rights and laws.

Microsoft is although a big company and won’t put their customer base at risk. But they are really impatient in not selling their customer data. This can also mean a big loss to Microsoft if the policies include the government data screening plan. We need to look into this whole thing and check the basics of the company policy regarding the work. We can not put highly classified files on the cloud servers and expect hackers not peeking into it too. Hackers are named hackers for a reason, they can heckle and hack your servers and systems, these are just mare machines. So before trusting anything, we need to make sure that the work we are doing is really good and important for us.

You can visit the Microsoft Terms and policy at or even in detail at