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  • Open Browser, and visit Url.
  • If you have a Microsoft Account, Log in, Or Sign Up for new account.
  • If you don't have a Microsoft Account, Simply sign up for a new one.
  • Now that you have Logged in to Microsoft Office Account, Proceed to Office Setup Download Page.
  • Download and run the File.
  • Installation will start and complete the installation process.

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Setup Office with ease of Access

Office Setup and Install help is a site devoted to Office Setup on your PC/MAC and different gadgets. Office in that capacity has no other branch or some other individual as an establishment. Office 2019, Office 365 is anything but difficult to introduce and setup.

Office is easy to Activate, easier to set up from

Prior to installing Office, You should make sure about the necessities that should be met to install Office on your Device.

In spite of the fact that Office nearly keeps running on each gadget now and with a dynamic web application Microsoft has overcome much in making Office Accessible for us. Office setup on your gadget needs a Microsoft Account, A substantial Purchase or a Product key on the back of your item card that you have purchased which further should be actuated at and recovered there to download Setup and Install Office on your Device. For PC/Mac. You have to check the base Configuration at authority Office site to check if your PC is perfect to run Office. When you have checked every one of the necessities you are a great idea to Download Setup and Install Office on your PC. Incase you experience a blunder while introducing Office, Please make a point to check and note the Error code that shows up on your screen. Incase the download is interupted, Make beyond any doubt that you are associated with web and you have enough data transfer capacity to proceed the download. On the off chance that the mistake with a code like 0000x0 show up please make a point to check it online what the blunder is about and is it fixible by turning on or off whatever is required.

Office Setup for Windows
  1. Sign in to Office at
  2. You will be guided to a Download screen.
  3. Follow the prompts and accept the license agreement.
  4. When the Dialogue Screen showing You’re good to go Appears, select All done.
Office Setup for Mac
  1. Sign in to Office at
    Note: If you don’t see Office listed, your plan probably doesn’t include Office applications. If you know your plan includes Office, you may not have a license assigned; see  What Office 365 product or license do I have? If Office is not listed, ask your Office 365 administrator to assign a license to you.
  2. On the Office page, select a  Language, and then choose Install. This will install Office for Mac 2011.
  3. After the disk image file finishes downloading, select the .dmg file to open the Office installer.
  4. Accept the license agreement and enter your Mac password to start installing.
  5. On the Welcome to Office: Mac screen, select Sign in to an existing Office 365 Subscription, and then sign in with your Office 365 account.

Why do you need a Product key?

A product key with 25 Digit Alphanumerics like


is all you need to Activate and Setup Office from

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